We provided a down payment on an apartment, along with his first months rent. We also supplied some living necessities since he had very little. He is a humble, proud, and grateful man that is very deserving of the help we have given him.


Homeless Veteran? No such thing. I received a warm greeting from a kind stranger. There is a secret place preserved and sustained in the hearts of “good neighbors.” A place that today still makes “good things” happen. A place of majesty, tall imagery, and bravery, where there are those who “step-up” for veterans. We are not alone in a wilderness.

We march in Uneven ranks up the slope. We vets are in our H.O.M.E. because of help we received from VICTORY and VALOR FOR VETS PROJECT—its President and CEO—Jessica Scmitt. She, the epitome of a heart of gold. I am proud and honored beyond words to have been served. I am “at peace….at h.o.m.e.” God Bless America. God bless. VICTORY and VALOR For Vets Project. Sincerely, 🇺🇸 Vietnam Era Veteran, Jon M. Esqueda (Eskayda). B.S.W.

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